Mattress Recycling – Everything You Need to Know

When buying a mattress, it is recommended that you should use it for 7 years and then think of replacing; however, there are other options to put to good use.  Here we have put some top tips on why recycling your mattress is essential and how it benefits the nature.

If you are thinking about what to do with your old mattress, think twice before throwing it. When mattresses are dumped into the landfill, they stay around for a long period and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and ground pollution. Therefore, the best way is mattress recycling Austin. It is eco-sustainable option that will leave you feeling good. Please stay on this page to know how you can dispose of an old mattress in a responsible manner and why recycling them is crucial for our planet.

Why Recycling your Mattress?

First, a limited amount of space is available in landfills and when dumped they take up considerable space. If we continue throwing mattresses without land expansion then simply we can’t throw all mattresses as we cannot afford space. Secondly, turning your mattress into rubbish increase your carbon footprint overall. Most environmentally conscious citizens are looking for ways of reducing their carbon footprint and their environmental impact. Therefore, recycling helps in eliminating 100 lbs. of rubbish from your personal output.

Places to Recycle your Old Mattress

Now you have a fair idea of why recycling is crucial, let us discuss where you can recycle mattresses. When purchasing a new mattress from reputed stores, they have the facility for recycling service and you contact them before purchasing so that after your mattress gets old you can avail the services. They will arrange for your old mattress to be recycled at their dedicated recycled center that offers zero landfill solution and recycle every part of the mattress. This is a convenient option if you have limited space to store your old mattress after your new one is delivered. If interested to get your mattress recycled locally, contact your local council.

What form the old mattresses will become after recycling?

When old mattresses are recycled they are available in various new products. What an old mattress becomes largely depends on what materials are used for constructing it. After the arrays of materials are separated, they can be repurposed. Metal that makes up frames and springs in mattresses can be used in various products. Wool and cotton can be washed and used in recycled textiles and fabrics. Other low graded fabrics can be used as matting for the interior of the vehicle. The wooden frames can be repurposed for mulch or fuel by chipping it. Plastics and other forms can be shredded and used for carpet padding. These are just a few instances but innovative methods for repurposing recycled items that are emerging every day, so the possibilities to have a sustainable environment are endless.

If you do not have a recycling facility near you, what are the other options?

Fortunately, mattress disposal is becoming easier due to the increase in popularity as a responsible and environmentally conscious option. But sadly, it is still not accessible very easily for some people due to financial constraints, remote location or lack of transportation. If this is the case for you but still interested to know how to dispose of an old mattress in the right way, try one of the below options before dumping your old bed in the garbage.

Try to sell your old mattress – if your mattress is not worn out or too soiled, you can search for places to sell your mattress.

Donating your mattress to a second-hand store – if you found that no one is buying your mattress but think that someone could be helpful by using it, then donate to a charitable organization or a second –hand stores. Look for stores nearby to know the specifications about where to take your old mattress.

Upcycling – There are many websites where you will get ideas for upcycling. By breaking your old mattress, the materials can be used for building wine racks, gates, and planters.